A level 10 wizard used resurrection spell on your blah blah blog…

What just happened? No one knows and maybe no-one will ever know, but something happened and the only thing we can do is just run with it.
Resurrection usually comes at a price, this is not going to be different here. Further updates are going to be in quite rudimentary English and they will be entirely posted from my phone. No exceptions. Maybe. There will be jibber jabber and pictures. I do not promise anything but this, but after more than a year silence, this is what I can offer. Maybe.
Note that there have been a few maybes already. This shall not foreshadow any events that are still to come, but everybody should know that this is not a commitment, this is just another try.
So what is the training behind this? About a month ago I bought a new phone and I can now be constantly connected to the interwebs. Let’s take this chance and bore the world with much more pictures and even more text, that it probably does not really need. Another reason is, that I am leaving for my longest vacation in years. It’s going to be Tokyo, Kyoto, and Tokyo again. I try to check-in in as many places as I can and post as many pictures as my connection allows.
If you are still reading this, thank you. If not, well…
So, see you soon.


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