Shinjuku: Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

The weather could by far be better, but making the best out of it.


The beauty of the place is that it has two observatory platforms that you can go up for free. I recommend going at night time for a nice view over nightly Shinjuku. One of the two towers is open at night. There also is a cafe or small restaurant on top, which is not nearly as expensive as the one in the Skytree.
There are also shops where you can buy all Japan related souvenirs. Mostly toys and other sundries, nothing really fancy. If you are looking for lightsabre chopsticks, this is the place to find them. They even had the light up ones.
The view today is very cloudy, so again I am not able to spot Fuji-san, which would be in the right corner in the back of the following picture.


Today you can’t even see Tokyo TV tower, it would be in this picture. Not a good day for Sight seeing.


Instead have a nice picture of a model.


On the second floor you can also find a tourist information with lots of leaflets and maps and other material to guide you through the various cities of Tokyo. It is funny that there is only a shopping guide available for Ikebukuro – there really seems to be nothing there.

Without too great expectations we continued up the south tower, too. The view was equally as cloudy. It also has a cafe here and a much smaller shopping isle. Today you can barely make out the whole Yoyogi park with Meiji Jingu.


This is our next destination though, so maybe more from there.


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