OMG, OMG, Shinkansen

Kyoto it is. The best way to get there is taking the Shinkansen, or maybe flying, or the night bus. The coolest way, however, is taking the bullet train, because it is just like flying, but on the ground. Since our hotel is not directly in the centre of Kyoto we will have to change in Maibara to take the local train to Kusatsu. The trip will therefore only take about two hours.


I’m always excited to go by Shinkansen, I even bought myself a nice little treat and a beer to go along with.


I know it’s a bit early for beer, but well, I just can’t help myself.

It is just incredible, how you just fly slightly above the water on the one side of the train and at the same time you pass Japan’s biggest mountain on the other side. It went by so fast, I could not even sneak a picture. Maybe on the return trip.


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