All that gold…

Cloudy, with a chance of gold.
No, that does not make any sense. Never mind.
First destination of today’s trip is 金閣寺(きんかくじ, Kinkakuji), the temple of the golden pavilion. It rained all night and I was glad to see, that it is just cloudy this morning, with a chance of getting better throughout the day. We started somewhat early – at least for me – into the trip and I was just reminded along the way, that Kyoto station is not a small station. So we missed the train by a minute or so. Well there is nothing you can do about that. And again, it’s crowded. I have the feeling, that Kyoto is in a way much more crowded than the much larger Tokyo. But here it’s many more foreigners, tourists. Or at least you notice them more.
And I totally jinxed it. The moment we stepped out of Emmachi station a slight rain started and it was necessary to buy an umbrella. With a few difficulties we found the correct bus stop. Just if you wonder how the system works; you pay the fixed fair of 230¥ at the exit either by Suica or with exact change. It’s basically just like in Mito.
And then I jinxed it again, not reading the right number we got on the wrong bus. Totally worth it, Kyoto has an amazing bus system. After paying the fee (400¥) you’ll just walk straight to one of the most famous views of Japan. It’s just as pretty as in the pictures, but it’s real now. My photographs won’t do then justice. At all.


As beautiful as the building is, the surrounding vegetation is very exciting, too. I would love to go there as it stands nice and quiet, but it’s off limits, for good reasons of course.
We finally got to the temple, it’s very small and I failed to take a picture. It’s clearly the pavilion that’s important here.
I opted to buy a new Goshuin-chō because they were so pretty instead of completing the other one. It’s just as shiny as the pavilion itself.

It was a bit more pricy than the first one i got, but for me it is absolutely worth it. And the first stamp is of course from the place itself.


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