Kiyomizu-dera at dusk

Better late than never, maybe, or so, so, so… We finally made it to the second stop of today’s program, but it was already getting dark. No way we are going to have that third stop today. But that’s not important. It was an incredible pleasure to see the the sun set over Kyoto.


After that it was too dark to take decent pictures with my phone. The place was packed even shortly before closing. It is going to reopen for the nightshift soon, there is already an incredibly long line forming.
It’s a truly amazing place, so I decided to just witness it with my own eyes. No photos, wow.

Before closing time I was lucky enough to get the last page of my Goshuin-chō filled. I honestly cannot believe that managed that. Theoretically you can use the back of the pages, too, but often the calligraphy uses a lot of ink and you can see it shine through. To be on the safe side, I bought a new book at the Kinkakuji (see this post) and will continue my journey.


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