A wonderful surprise at kiyomizu-dera

When we got to the temple it was already late and they were announcing the closing of the gates. What they also mentioned was that they would open the site for an evening viewing. I checked the times of this and then we decided to take this incredible opportunity. The lines were already very long when we left the area from our afternoon walk around, so we decided to browse through the close by stores.
Feeling a bit hungry, I got a sweet 抹茶まん (まっちゃまん, Matcha-man) and later a very savory 肉まん (にくまん, Niku-man). Nom nom nom, very tasty. My mom liked it, too.
Later we reentered the site for another fee of 400¥ – money well spent – to see a spectacle of light. I took a few pictures with my phone, that I am happy to share, but the quality is not so good at night. I really hope the ones I took with the camera are better. If I have the time, I’ll make another post about this after the vacation. I am not commenting from here on in.




The yellow dot is the moon and for whatever reason they had a beam of light directed at the sky.

We skipped out planned trip to Kyoto tower for the night, but I really hope to come back to this tomorrow (well actually today).


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