I’m swinging in the wind … Kyoto Tower

I recommend seeing every city you go to from the highest point. Maybe only that way you’ll learn about the true extend of whatever place you are. In Kyoto, the best way to do it is paying 770¥ to go to the observation deck of Kyoto Tower. With about 100 metres it is certainly not the biggest building you’ll go up, but it is the highest point here and you get the full 360°. And because there are no skyscrapers to block the view, it is truly stunning. You can spent a lot of time up here just mesmerizing.
When it is windy you can somewhat feel the swing in your guts. Just concentrate a bit on it and try to not get seasick.
There are a couple of really good binoculars. It was absolutely no problem to make out the fine art of the pagoda at kiyomizu-dera over a distance of about 3 km at night. And you can do that with a lot of places. Unfortunately none of my cameras are that great, so you really have to come here to experience it yourself.
Another good thing is that it is not to overly crowded. Take your time…


This is the reverse panorama from yesterday’s entry. You can make out the beam they currently send into the night sky, originating at Kiyomizu-dera.


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