Not quite Kyoto any more; Arashiyama

Not far from Kyoto there is this magical place: Arashiyama, equipped with a bamboo forest. When the wind whispers through the leaves, in some dense areas you can hear the tree’s heart beating. It also smells so foresty. I can highly recommend coming here.


It is incredible how much bamboo bends. The top of the tree moves probably about five metres, maybe even more. I’m guessing here, beer with me.
Somewhere on our way browsing through the area, we arrived at a cottage of a famous Japanese poet. It’s called Ralushisha and it once was home of Mukai Kyorai – just if you want to look that up. It has one of these traditional Japanese micro gardens and a few benches to sit and relax. The entrance fee is a moderate 250¥ and if you have never seen a traditional Japanese house on the inside, why not do it here.


We continued or journey to Jojakkoji, where you can still experience the wonderful shades of red that Japan has to offer in autumn. Of course, as this is a Friday, hundreds of people made the same journey.


Unfortunately the main hall is currently under construction.  But there’s still more to see, like a small two story high pagoda.
You are probably aware that I am collecting Goshuin at various shrines and temples. I was a bit disappointed to learn, that at this location they only offer preprinted ones and fill in the date with a pen.
We’re walking back into the general direction of Kyoto, were we passed a little Shinto shrine that has an adorable cat as it’s watcher.


I currently forgot it’s name, so I have to fill it in later. I was a bit surprised that this little shrine offers a Goshuin; especially after the experience at the last place.
Further down the road we came to トロッコ嵐山駅 (トロッコあらしやまえき, Torokko-Arashiyama station) where I had a bag of 山栗, roasted chestnuts. Nom nom nom. (Someone help me with the correct reading please. Is it simply やまくり?)
The final part of today’s trip was dedicated to Tenryū-ji, a world heritage site. The garden is beautiful and the structure impressive, I still was a bit disappointed. You had to pay extra for everything (even for toilet paper) and there was no peace and quiet because of blobs of blobs of people. More people than on Inari mountain.


We concluded the trip with a short walk to Togetsukyo bridge before taking the bus back to Kyoto station. Today the bus send to be kind to me. Thank you.


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