Here we go again…

It feels already so long ago since I was last in Tokyo, but hey, two weeks can feel pretty long. The occasion is a brilliant one; I am going to meet a friend I know from the Marburg era. (It’s fun calling it like that and it’s been a full decade. If a week can be the Age of Ultron, this can be the Marburg era. And it’s my blah, so it’s just going to be like that.)
While I am waiting for him to arrive, I was about two hours early, I went for a quick stroll around Ueno park. The weather is more like early autumn than winter, so many, many people are en route. Originally I was heading for the coffee company that must not be named, but seeing that their line was about fifty metres I decided to skip that. Instead I landed in Café Hibiki close to one of the many museums. I guess in summer is a bit nicer, at least the coffee was good.


Another thing I just noticed (again) is the omnipresence of the Skytree. There is barely a place, where you can’t see it.


Well, I better be gone now, after being early, I cannot be late, that would be a waste.


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