Good night Ueno.

One of the things you can probably only do in Japan is starting on a capsule hotel. You basically only get a bed and about a mere above that. There are few experiences that I would recommend more. It’s not so much about crashing in a place, it’s more about the experience in a whole.
Most of the places come equipped with a onsen style bath, a restaurant and WiFi. The capsules usually also have a TV, although the program is limited. I guess it’s just basic cable. In a few places you can have video on demand, but honestly who really needs that. WiFi everywhere on the premises is usually available and quite a great treat.


Space is obviously quite limited, by when even a guy like me can comfortable fit it should be enough for the vast majority. Quite a fun thing – if you want to look at it that way – is hearing all others snore. I will make sure to join them soon.


Before I booked the place I actually did not notice that I stayed here before. It was last spring during Hanami and I remember taking a very late night bath in the rooftop onsen. Today when I tried the same thing, although about two hours earlier, the place was really packed. It’s still quite a relaxing thing to do before crawling into your own space. Fun fact was of course that I was the only white guy anywhere to be seen. Most of the people I met there were just normal working class Japanese, done of them more drunk than the others. Yet I did not nearly get as many states as when going to a regular onsen.


Usually these places have prices between 2500 and 5000 yen, depending on the day, location, and comfort. Today I am staying at the more expensive one. It’s totally worth it though. You can’t really expect more and I will always prefer staying in a capsule than spending the night in a manga cafe. (I might come around telling this story.)
Of course there is going to be a down side, a small one though. You have to leave the place by 10 o’clock, which feels especially cruel after a night in downtown. You just can’t have it all.
Until now I have tried almost all possibilities staying the night in Tokyo. The last resort I’d still consider one is staying in the onsen in Odaiba. This lack of knowledge will be cured soon. The last possibility is just drinking until the morning, but I would rather pad on this considering the horrible bus trip home. So if you are in Tokyo any day and have no plans to crash, make sure you check one of these capsules.
Until next time, good night, おうあすみなdさい


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