The last train problem. And should probably not be here right now.

Ueno park is a gloomy place at night. There are almost no souls rendering the area and I am pretty certain it closes at eleven o’clock. Well, is now past twelve. There is not enough being around to care. I am on my way to the capsule hotel I am staying tonight, but I needed the silence of a deserted place on Tokyo none the less. It’s both creepy and thrilling at the same time.
You might ask yourself how I got here in the first place. I was out with friends who took the last train. Hence there title. So I was left alone at Ueno station before midnight. In Mito out ventures don’t end at midnight, so I decided to take a stroll before going back, and having a nice bath and sauna.
For the moment I am just enjoying the silence of the big city, as it is way less disturbing than the sounds of midnight Mito. (And yes, I noticed, there has been a lot of midnight in this post.)


I am a little impressed that the camera caught something, so I’ll just call it art at this point. It is the pagoda that is located inside the zoo in Ueno.


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