Movies beyond the third dimension…

I was never a big fan of movies in 3D. The glasses never really fit and often after a while you get a headache. Worst of all in my experience it does not add anything to the movie itself. A good movie will always be good and a bad movie won’t suddenly become great. But… Apparently it does not have to be this way.
Well it still is true; a good movie will still be good, but as it turns out, it can be great. Or at least a different experience. After seeing “Mad Max – Fury Road” already in traditional two dimensions, it came as quite as a surprise that it was coming to the theatre in Mito again. The reason is that just before the release of the new Start Wars installment or Cineplex had upgraded its capabilities. It’s possible now to not only see the movie in 3D, but in 4Dx.
What is that magic, you might ask yourself. It’s the combined experience of moving chairs, odours, wind and lightning, water and of course the movie in 3D. All that makes it more of an amusement park ride than an actual movie experience.
Since I already loved the movie, and up to this very moment I consider it the best of the year, there was no question that I will see it again. I watched it twice already in the theatre, so all good things come in threes. Or do they say. Frankly, I would go again. And again. And probably again. Gosh I love this movie.
Incidentally it was also a fine opportunity to test this new feature. If you know a movie is great, all these additional shenanigans can’t run it. I don’t know if I would seat I enjoyed it more, but I certainly enjoyed it a lot. And it is the perfect movie to experience those practical special effects.
It’s really hard to put in words and I can’t be as descriptive in my second language as I would be in my first, but we’ll just give it a try. Fair warning, if you have not seen the movie, there will be spoilers and it might not make any sense.
The whole movie basically takes place in a let’s just call it a truck and let’s just call it on a road. You really feel that. The seat is vibrating and it feels like you are actually close to the engine. Obviously it’s not as close to the real experience of driving a truck, but it kind of gets you in the moment. The seats angle changes and it really makes you move around. Driving along the desert road – and I know this sounds a bit stupid – it somewhat accomplished that you think you are doing this. I am quite happy though that they did not hear up the whole place to desert temperatures. The choreography of the movement was pretty good and I was astonished how they can achieve something like that.
Another feature I liked a lot was the thunderstorm. Wind coming from everywhere, blowing into your face, from behind your head out from the front. Also the lightning, when the theatre itself was lightning up as if you were in the storm, was incredible. It was synchronous with what was happening on the screen and for what I can tell, it felt quite real; shivers down my spine. The water they sprinkle on you from about everywhere ads a whole new dimension – 4Dx duh – to the movie. It was creepy in some points, but more about that in a split second.
Let me get something out of the way first. The point I was worried most about was the smelly buy of the experience. A movie like this had probably a lot of bad odours. Burning flesh, gasoline, bodily odours of decay, and what else not. I was positively surprised finding it very subtle. You could smell the gasoline but they kept the creepy part in the can. Thanks a lot for that. So the past with the smelly stuff happening was not bad at all, quite entertaining even. Sure, one experience is never enough to judge the whole thing, but at least this time it was very likable.
Now back to the creepy part. Occasionally in the movie some body parts are being detached. Getting water sprayed into your face, while simultaneously the mask of Immortan Joe gets ripped off, is certainly an experience. I kind of thought I have blood on my face now. Incredible. Creepy. Still, it’s somewhat cool.
A good thing is that if you don’t like the part with the water, meaning it rains when it rains, you can turn it off. I am not recommending it, but I feel it’s necessary to point out. So when the water is falling from the citadel, you got wet. Not as wet as in the typhoon the other day, but you can feel it on your skin.
One word of advice: It’s a popcorn killer. They hand out bags up front, so that you don’t lose it all, but still. We opted out of this experience. I attend look like I bathed in that stuff when I go to the regular movies, I would not want to imagine where I would find the popcorn later on. Drinks are quite okay though, it’s like on a somewhat bumpy ride. While we are on the advice; you can and should lock up your stuff before you go in. At least in Mito that is free. Convenient Japan – you just have to live it.
All in all, I would say the 4Dx brings you closer to the movie, and it is an experience in itself. I will still enjoy most of the movies in the traditional format, but I am not opposed to trying it again. The only downside of the event is the price. With 2500¥ it’s certainly nothing you can do all so often, but every once in a while, as a treat, why not.
I really recommend trying it. And watch “Mad Max”, it’s really good. And because there is a lack of visuals in this post, let’s finish it off with a buck of chairs.


You’re really sitting like in one of those amusement park rides.


And finally, that’s one place where the water comes out.


If you have been, thanks for reading.


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