Below the surface: Tokyo Metro

A couple of days ago the gaijin pot shared a game that takes place in the underground of Tokyo. I actually convinced people to come and play today.
Because you can still play until the 27th December, I will not be sharing much about the tour itself. So if you are in the Tokyo area you can still do it yourself. For all the others, you might have to wait until next year for a more detailed post.
The first difficulty is finding the office where to purchase the game kit. It is in the metro station in Ueno. There you have enough time and space to solve the first puzzle. You really need to pay attention to the wording, otherwise you really might miss something. We started around 11.45 o’clock and then got on the Ginza line. And this is where I shall stop because of spoilers.


I will be updating this later on, so… See you!

This is just a tiny update, but it is worth mentioning. It’s a lot of fun cruising via metro through Tokyo and visiting places, you have never heard of before. Some of the riddles are actually a bit hard and while we are in Shibuya note, we still have not figured out the final clue. Well, that is probably something for tomorrow’s breakfast or coffee.
It’s a lot of fun and I recommend trying it out.


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