Let’s get high again…

Today is a day with exceptional weather and clear sight. On the way to Tokyo we were already able to see Fuji San in the distance. To make use of that, we take a small detour from our riddle route to head to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building and enjoy the view. If I recall correctly, the last post featured mediocre pictures. So here we go again. Unfortunately it’s getting darker by the minute, and the sun set right behind Japan’s highest mountain. So while I was able to see it with my own eyes, it’s not really a good picture.


Watching how the sun drops behind the clouds was a nice thing to do, so when you have the time, definitely check that. After a while you can make out the mountains in the back even better.


What a wonderful skyline. And because last time the pictures were very gloomy, here are a few ones with nice weather.






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