Merry Christmas

Japanese Christmas is different in oh so many ways from the traditional German one, well basically from any other one. It’s a celebration of friends and friendship most of the times accompanied by hereby drinking. Fit the third year in a row I am happy to take part in this. Although I miss my Glühwein and the Christmas markets of my home, I am having a blast.
Today I am attending one of the infamous Christmas parties, hold on my favorite bar: Mogwai. It comes with the ridiculous Nomihoudai and as a special treat also tabehoudai. It is fantastic; a friend’s Christmas. It’s somewhat how it is supposed to be I guess.
There is even a singer here amusing us with some Christmas tunes.


Well sometimes you just need to let go, join the crowd, have fun and don’t worry about tomorrow. That being said, I am doing it right now. So I hope you have a fantastic Christmas, have a merry time and enjoy what’s left of the year.
And now for something German:
Frohe Weihnachten! Genießt den Rest des Jahres, verbringt ihn mit freunden, Familie und bekannten. Trinkt einen Glühwein für mich mit und habt vor allen eines: Spaß. In diesen Sinne, nochmals frohe Feiertage.


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