The continuing adventures with Ibappi

There is actually not to much to say about, but before other people make he same mistakes as I did, I’ll just throw it out there.
The system works incredibly well and it seems to work in all of Ibaraki. I tested that yesterday when we went to Hitachi Seaside Park.
At one point out another the credit on the card will run out, after all it is just precharged with 1500¥. Note the brochure said that you can charged it in the bus and that is also what the nice lady told me when I bought it. What it does not say is, that you have to tell the driver that you want to do that. He has to push a little button on his machine, that changes the slot from just changing the money to charging the card. Yesterday I was a little too excited and just shoved in the money just before the driver could say something. I had a lot of change after that.
After figuring that out, I am a little more relaxed using the card, when there is no money left on it. The charging machines are still quite scarce in Mito; there is one at the station and one at the depot close to Ibaraki university, at least as far as I know.



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