Not another new years post, Martin, please…

Well, sorry. I’m on fire right now, because things are happening fast after the new year started and I tend to forget.
I got the first Goshuin of the year; right after my prayer I went to the place I got it the last time. Thank god there was a Japanese lady asking for the same thing right in front of me. It would have been somewhat embarrassing with my little Japanese, finding the right spot. She was directed to a different place, and so I kind of blindly followed. But it’s been correct. I expected a lot more people getting one on new years day, but apparently that’s not such a big thing after all. A lot of people were purchasing small tokens for good luck and other things at the main shrine.
Lucky for me I did not have to wait long in line, it was just the old lady and me at the time. The Goshuin says now that it was the first of the first and I am happy with this. May the good fortune be with me. Maybe.


Later on I went to get an Omikuji, a good fortune for the new year. There are various degrees of luck you can get, this year I was not as lucky as the years before. But maybe it’s tending upwards, who knows…
However, I wish all of you dear readers a happy new year and a good fortune telling to go along with it.
(There will be more new year stuff coming, but not much more.)
(Ms. Green made a manga about Omikuji; read it at


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