When Ladybeard meets “Sailor Suit Old Man”, it’s an explosion of manly cuteness (Reblog)

I love Design Festa and I can totally picture “Sailor Suit Old Man” being an attraction there. That being said, I have unfortunately not met him there. However, I think I saw him once on the Metro, but I am not sure. It’s not that I would call it a normality to see cross-dressing people in the streets of Tokyo, but it does not surprise you when you do either. So it could have been someone else. I really hope I run into him on my next ventures to Harajuku…


Perhaps you remember Ladybeard from our previous post a couple of weeks ago introducing the cross-dressing bearded pro-wrestler, performer, heavy metal singer and party rocker. Well, it would seem that Ladybeard recently met up with another iconic cross-dresser in Japan, the “Sailor Suit Old Man”.

A hairy burly man and a balding old man in schoolgirl uniforms may sound like an absolute turn off, but they looked so happy, we couldn’t help but think they actually look somewhat cute. Here’s the most epic schoolgirl combi in history!

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