That white stuff coming from above

Two years ago I was lucky enough to experience a Kairakuen covered in snow. Back then locals said it was the most amount of snow they had seen for the last twenty years. There were others insisting it hadn’t snowed like this for over thirty years. What we can take home from this is probably that “heavy” snow in Mito is a once in a lifetime deal.
While I hear from home, that there is quite a lot of the white stuff falling and even some football (soccer) games were on the brink of cancelling, here it’s just a few snowflakes barely covering the ground. Nevertheless I had a little walk and enjoyed it. I love snow. My hopes are still up that there is more to come. I will report of that happens.


That’s behind or on front of my home, depending how you want to look at it. Not even the manholes are covered.


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