The convenient solution to an inconvenient situation

As previously reported, our flight from Ibaraki airport was cancelled. Instead we had to go to Haneda by other modes of transportation. The bus for Tokyo left at 10:30 AM and we arrived shortly after twelve at Tokyo station, from where we took the Yamanote line to Hamamatsucho, and continuing with the monorail to the airport. As usually with Japanese public transportation everything went quite smoothly. We managed to change our flights and instantly got a refund. In Germany nobody would just hand you money because of the inconvenience. When boarding our flight, as we were more delayed, another refund was given to us in an envelope. Dealing with inconveniences straight up front is a very nice surprise. It is probably also a very Japanese thing to do. I think thanks are in order for skymark turning our trip into an adventure.
Due to this, I got to visit the world’s best domestic airport, not my words, but an advertisement there. Haneda is quite impressive, much more than the Ibaraki airport and surprisingly big. Many shipping opportunities as well as a wide variety of dining. If you are close to Tokyo you might want to check out the observation deck for no other reason than watching planes. Here are a couple of impressions, it was very windy today, so we did not stay for to long.




I am now on board of the plane as I type that and as you may know me, there have to be amenities. In lieu of a bento box, some crackers will do.


Before I forget, there is a heart on the wing of the plane.


Stay tuned for more happenings.
As you can see by reading this, we are safe on the island and looking forward to local food.
Speaking of food, I wanted to include the board menu, as prices are reasonable even on the plane.


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