A Chinese garden in the middle of Naha

The influence of China manifests in Fukushen, a traditional Chinese garden.
After quite a late start into the day, it is holiday after all, we finally made out way on the streets again. On today’s agenda is the shrine at the sea. Before that we came by this beautiful little garden. It is only a short walk from the monorail and definitely worth checking out. We sat down in one of the pavilions and had some Onigiri and sandwiches before continuing our trip.


The design certainly is different from what you usually see in Japan. They also use a different shade of red, a little more darker, almost people.


You enter the park through a narrow gate, where you probably have to pay admission fee. We were only asked where we are from and allowed to pass.


Rich artwork on the buildings surrounding the pond are present. Since I have never been to China and also don’t intend to go there in the near future, this is probably as close as I will get to original Chinese art.


Also surrounding the pond are some sort of hills with before mentioned pavilions. The sound of the waterfalls is constantly overshadowed by an endless loop explaining in multiple languages about the park.


Water send to play an important role in Chinese, but also Japanese, landscaping. You will always find a couple of bridges as a result. One of the recurring elements are also waterfalls and fountains.

Surprisingly there is a cave beneath the highest pavilion, which you can roam freely. Like the garden itself it is not very big.

The garden is way bigger than I first anticipated. There are a few more pavilions and even two pagodas.

For now we are on our way to the next location, and I will add a few more pictures later as a gallery.


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