Orion – The local beer: possibly the emperor of all beers

The trip has been quite busy so far, and I have a hard time keeping the log up to date. There will be a few extensions after I return.
Today’s trip is up north to the Okinawa brewery. Orion is and has been one of my favourite drinks.
Walking through the brewery is a big pleasure and it has been one of the goals of the trip to the island. The beer tasting after the tour was obviously the best part and it’s nice to know where one of my favourite brews is being made. I have been planning a pest about Japanese beer for a while now, but it is still in the making. Consider this a small testing. The beer is great and you can get it all over the island.
Since today is Saturday, there was actually nothing happening in the brewery itself. Everything was neat and clean and also in standstill.

The brewery is pretty much the same as the local one I visited years ago in Germany. The beer also tastes similar, so that makes sense. You probably don’t find draft Orion beer outside of Okinawa in Japan; I like it from the can, but it’s even better from the tap.

There is really a lot of beer produced here and shipped in the world, but primarily in Japan. Thanks to Lawson, I can have it whenever I want.

Interesting was the replica of an old Okinawa convenience store. Apparently they are not common anymore since the new market structure has taken over.

After the tour we climbed some stairs to a random small shrine. It must be beautiful in January, when the cherry blossom is on its high in Okinawa. Now we can only see the remnants.

We finally made out trip to the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, OIST, where my friend works.
It really is a beautiful place and it seems like a good scientific work environment. Finding must be huge here. I really need to find out more about those place.

Last stop was the American village. Probably a tourist trap and really not interesting enough to take pictures. We had a few drinks and fine conversations, and it was a great way to end the night.


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