This time, touchdown Kobe

Going to Okinawa (from Ibaraki) is like going to another country. It is at least as far as that you have to layover in Kobe. Today we have had slight delays in Naha, hence arrived late in Kobe. Still enough time to pee and buy some Otsumami. One of my all time favourites that go incredibly well with beer are tiny dried fishes. Om nom nom nom.


Look how happy they are to be eaten by me.
The flight is incredibly short, almost as soon as they come around with the in flight menu, decline is initiated. Almost a challenge to finish that beer and the fishes, but officially In still on vacation, so there were go.
Unfortunately it was already dark on the airport, so no nice picture from the airport itself. By now I have visited five different Japanese airports, I think that is a lot. I definitely want to go to Kobe, but time might not be on my side.


Those who know me well know that flying is not really my thing. Traveling in general makes me really nervous. I lost that a bit in Japan, because trains and buses are almost always on time and getting around is incredibly easy and comfortable, but flying will probably always be my least favourite mode of getting from one place to the other. (I have yet to try anything by boat, long journey, the channel does not count, so there are options left.)


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