Sakura season is coming

Sakura season is coming. Why do we know? It is not only the time of the year that tells us so, but also the packaging of the beer.
I like beer. And that is just stating the obvious. You don’t need to package your product in a limited (fancy) design to sell it to me. For what it’s worth, I’ll buy beer in a bottle without any design. Let the taste be my guide. However, I appreciate the effort of reminding me, that Hanami is right aground the corner. The first special package is from Kirin Ichiban (the prime beer of the Kirin factory), at least it’s the first I can’t across this year. It tastes the same, but comes in a specially designed can.


The colour is in a light shade of purple, with flower leaves all over it. You could say it looks fabulous. The taste is still the same and it is one of my current favourites.
A couple of weeks ago I decided to write a post about beer in Japan in general. I bought different beers and tested them in order to describe their taste. But for me it seems impossible to transport this in a written form. I will eventually write about the most common beers in Japan, but it will not be tonight.

Since I am already talking about Kirin, let me talk more about it. Germans are very particular when it comes to beer. According to the Bavarian (German) purity law, there are only three ingredients: hops, barley malt, and water. You can rely on that for any Pilsener type of beer in Germany. In Japan, not so much.
For the sake of full disclosure, back home I really liked Veltins. If that is not to your taste, you might want to disregard any of my opinion on beers. And to also get that out of the way, Beck’s is not a good beer. (I’d prefer Hakebeck any time when I’m in Bremen.)
However, Kirin Ichiban follows exactly the German recipe. That’s also what makes it a good beer. Perfectly chilled it fits almost any dish, from sushi to tonkatsu to karaage. (We can talk about food some other time.) Obviously it is great on its own.
It is among the most common beers in Japan and it is served in many bars and you’ll find it in almost any convenience store. If you ever have to choose beers here, this is a safe bet.
You might say that I have assimilated already for calling it good, and you might be right, but I still like it.
Well, to not take any more of your previous time, the take home message is: spring is coming, because the beer can says so.


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