Sakura season is here, or at least very soon

I think spring is Japan’s favorite season, and by that I mean that its people is most obsessed about it. Well, at least when it comes to the overwhelming change the country undergoes during that time. You might have read about the plum festivities in Mito, but much more famous is the cherry blossoms throughout the country. It truly is very wonderful, but unfortunately it is very short and there is a delicate balance of the weather required for it. There is even an official forecast for it.
In parts of Japan it has already started, in Okinawa it is already long gone, and full bloom is expected for Tokyo this weekend and the following days. Sakura season is also one of the prime seasons for merchandise and special packaging. I already reported about the special beer cans, but recently I came about another product. A special Pepsi. Fair warning ahead, it really tastes horrible.


Mito will have the flowers very soon, too, but since we are further north than Tokyo it will be another week or so.


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