The train station that stayed open for a single school girl finally closes down

Indeed spring brings changes, not only in climate and nature, but also in the people around each year. During my few years here I have seen many students leave as they graduated, or since they were exchange students go back to their countries. This year obviously was no different. It started at the end of February, when the school year is over, and finalises with the graduation ceremony, which was held on the 23rd in Mito. I was happy to attend it and it was a very nice experience.
Obviously this all comes with a bittersweet change. While some of my friends just move to Tokyo, which is just over a stone throw away, other go to far away places up north or down south. My travel to Okinawa certainly was motivated by the fact that I have friends there. Now there will be quite a few others that are spread out over Japan, in the long term maybe even the world. Who really knows what the future holds for them, or us in general. I am happy to have spent so much time with them, and wish them the best of luck on their ventures.
That being said, the following article very much reminded me of that change. The store has been previously in the news early this year, with the backlash being almost immediately. Now that chapter is closed. I think that this story covers many of the facets of Japanese culture. From being extremely caring, to the the crazy of overdoing it. Most of all, however, it reflects the kindness of the Japanese people, that I also experience in everyday life.
Enjoy the article!


Last year Kyu-shirataki Station made headlines around the world for staying open just to send one girl to school, but now that she’s graduating, it’s time to pack it in.

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