Sakura Matsuri in Hitachi

You don’t always have to travel far too see amazing things. During Sakura season you basically just have to step out of the door. There are certainly a few hit spots, that make it a more fascinating experience. One of those is the area next to Hitachi station. It’s only a thirty minute train ride away, costs about 600 yen and is therefore easily done on a nice day like this.
Hitachi is probably most famous for the computer company that originated here. Apart from this, it is another, smaller town in Ibaraki. Part of the Ibaraki university campus is here, too. It is located much closer to the sea than Mito, so seeing the ocean again might be an option. There are probably some really good sushi restaurants here. Well, maybe next time.
We arrived at the station about ten minutes ahead of departure and the train was already waiting and filing up, too. Even if it is a shirt ride, you don’t really want to stand all the way. We were lucky enough to find some seats, but I think the Japanese guy next to us was a bit uncomfortable. Sorry about that. Like with many things in Japan, being right in time is too late.
The venue is the long street leading up to the station, so it is not a far walk. It is closed down for traffic and there are various performances held. Alongside the road there are multiple food vendors, the regular matsuri food. Eating is the most common meme at these kind of festivals anyway.

It is really a pretty walk and it’s already enough so that it does not feel crowded even though many people are here.
On the road there was a performance of a wind orchestra, and later there will probably be a taiko performance in the same place.

One of the famous specialities of the Hitachi Sakura Matsuri is a gigantic flat. From pictures I saw earlier it will expand, but at the time we passed it, it was still closed.

People were waiting for something in front of it, but we did not stay. Maybe we’ll catch more at a later time.

And now it’s time to enjoy the rest of the festival. There might be coming more later, but no promises. Have a nice weekend!


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