The famous part of the Hitachi Sakura Matsuri

Originally I planned on going to a park, but we decided it’s a bit too far and stayed at the festival venue. The decision was great, we even meet some friends. Since I brought a blanket we could sit beside the road and have a proper rest below the trees. I prefer daytime Hanami and we were really lucky with the weather. Staying also gave us the wonderful opportunity to watch the big float expand.


I was a bit too slow to document the whole process. The figurines were moving on top and putting on a show. The whole thing was accompanied by flutes and drums. Impressive how they operated the float.


Some of the archers on top even shot arrows into the crowd. And the crowd went in traditional manner “Aah…” and “Ooh…” full of wonder and surprise. At one point the figurines completely changed appearance. However, I think one of the things broke by this action.


Last note on a great day, a matsuri is nothing without food. One of my all time favourites for such an occasion is a whole turkey leg. Finger food of the other kind. Accompanied with a beer there is hardly anything better…


Before that we were able to see a traditional dance on the street, which is actually called peace street (Heiwa dori, 平和通り, へいわどうり). A bunch of old Japanese ladies dressed in beautiful kimono were dancing down the road. They were even unimpressed by the drunk guy messing with them. He was called to order, but still.


Sometimes I also feel like dancing down the road, today maybe was such a day. But I did not wear a fancy kimono, so I wasn’t.


Remember that taiko car from the other post. Of course not, so go back and check, or don’t. However, it was coming down the road. People dancing around it, pulled by human muscle, one of my favourite parts of the Japanese festivals. Seeing that made me think about Kōmon Matsuri in august.


There was a person dressed up with a mask and everything really putting on a site for us. How fabulous that is, I wish I knew more about it.


As usual I’m too slow for better pictures, but hey, I was living the moment… or something like this.


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