The blue sensation at Hitachi Seaside Park

It is golden week again, not quite yet, but soon, and it is a good time for a trip to Hitachi Seaside Park. It’s the season, where tulips and Nemophilia are in full bloom and they transform the peak into a very colourful place.
And because this is a special time of the year, with the holidays in a row, two weekends and another holiday before that, a lot of travel is happening in Japan. The whole country is in movement and nobody is staying at home. The park is therefore very crowded, but since it is quite large, it will be bearable inside.
Though it didn’t really feel much different to me, the flowers decided to bloom early this year. That meant, that part of the Nemophilia were already done and most of the tulips were also no more. Again thousands of people marched up and down the hill, the main attraction. Not for long and they will switch the flowers for Kochia. Until then, we can look forward to sun flowers in July.
Although full bloom was already over; and also for the fact that I’ve seen it already a few times, it’s always a nice trip. I personally enjoy narcissus and tulips the most, but this year I was too busy to go. All of that can be much enhanced by playing a round of park golf and a beer.


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