Ichou matsuri at the Ibaraki Prefectural Museum of History

Autumn comes in many different colours; ranging from deep, dark red, to bright red and browns, to intense ochres and yellows. The Ginkgo tree astonishes with bright yellow and golden tones. One of the best and most popular viewing spots is the park attached to the Ibaraki Prefectural Museum of History.

Tonight (as well as yesterday and tomorrow) is the annual Ginkgo festival, or in Japanese イチョウまつり (Ichou matsuri). It’s a small festival, as it’s only a small park. The wonderful things is, that the trees are lit up and there are a couple of candles neatly arranged. One of the power buildings is host to a light show and the museum opens late. I’ve taken a few pictures, but since it’s only my phone camera they don’t do it justice at all. However, I hope you like this little impression.

As I’m on foot and it’s getting cold, I’m sharing this without further comment only as a gallery.


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